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How often do you struggle to find the right words, but can name a song for a feeling, occasion, or need?  Jewelry is like that, but wearable!

Jewelry is like a song.

The materials are notes, the arrangements a harmony, and just enough space between for us to fill with our own interpretation. Classic or new, earthy or fun, vibrant or subdued, always personal and carefully curated.

Earrings, a necklace, and bracelet makes a playlist. A requiem for a love, a shot of inspiration, a playful theme.

Like music, I started My Trendy Trailer so everyone can have access to stylish and creative accessories.

Hi! I’m Karyss Bollen and I want to welcome you to My Trendy Trailer where we make jewelry with style and significance. I design and craft pieces that people can connect with and that reflect who they are, where they are, or where they hope to be. From material choice to arrangement, I love to create jewelry that joins stories and creates connections.

My Trendy Trailer is the result of my work day in and day out to overcome the falsehood that there are “creative people”, and the "rest of us”.  We are all creative!  Maybe yours isn’t in music, or jewelry, but I promise if you work to uncover your creativity that you’ll find and share your beautiful gift!



The Franklin Henry collection is a tribute to life. Even life that was short lived. My nephews Franklin and Henry lived only days, but in that time they taught me to love in the moments that I am given because love always matters, especially on heartbreaking paths.

These designs reflect the peace that grows when love defies loss. You can personalize each piece of our hand stamped jewelry to represent your own story.

Made with all the love in my heart,

- Karyss


designed this collection to represent all the Impressions made on our lives. Impressions from those who have stuck with us through thick and thin, pulling us through life's hardest moments. But through the impressions from the ones we love, our lives become more beautiful in the struggle. Each bracelet, necklace, and ring is handmade and is pulled through thick and thin and hammered to add more beauty to each impression. Wear it to represent all the impressions that have been made on your life.


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