Free and joyfully. Why? I’m guessing that many of you are moms too with excited toddlers and flailing babies tugging, grasping, and doing whatever else breaks shiny objects. Boys (the grown kind wearing our bracelets and such), our materials are durable, but please send them back for repair if they didn’t hold up on your last excursion that likely included dirt, bacon, and fire. Seriously, be stylish no matter what you’re doing even if it breaks our jewelry. 

I made it. I can probably fix it. Plus, I want to hear the story of how it happened which gives us another chance to connect!



 Absolutely. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied or do not connect with the piece or pieces of jewelry that you bought, we will fully refund your purchase whether you bought online or in person. Before you do, would you allow us to find something in our collection that does resonate with you? Creativity is a dialogue, and we want to have one with you!


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