Product Details

This is an activity that will be fun for you, your friends, and even your little ones!

-  We'll be teach you how to design and make bracelets that fit each of you perfectly...in both size and style. 

- You will each get to design and take home one bracelet from the class.

-  I will have sparkly beads, brightly colored beads, big beads and small beads.  I will even have beads to make those ever so popular essential oil diffusing bracelets. 

-  Invite your friends to come with you and make it a play date.   

- There are 10 seats available for each time slot

-  WHEN:  Thursday, June 24th, pick your 30min time slot between 10am-2pm

-  WHERE:  Historic Folsom, 307 Riley St, Folsom, CA 95630

*  If you are signing up yourself plus 1 child, be sure to purchase 2.  If you are signing up yourself plus 2 children, be sure to purchase 3, etc.

*If you want to make more than one bracelet each, please be sure to sign up for 2 separate time slots (each 30min time slot equals one bracelet). 


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