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We. Love. These. Candles.

Malicious Women Co. handcrafted soy candles are natural and burn cleaner than traditional paraffin candles. The scented, creamy soy wax is hand-poured into a vintage apothecary-style recyclable jar. After approximately 45 hours of burn time or when the candle wax burns down to 1/4" from the bottom of the jar, simply melt the remaining soy wax in very hot water and wipe clean. Infused with sass. Made in the USA.

Malicious Women Candle Co. isn't just about the sass and good smells. When the founder Lacie lost her “Heart Friend” Laura to suicide, she was driven to do something for those who might be suffering. There are times that we get to spinning and need to remind ourselves to embrace the crazy "Shit Show".

Find the candle that speaks to you...and laugh a little.

ADULTING - Infused with Insufficient Funds: You knew your rent was going to be late a week ago. This is the way to forget about it for less than the cost of that NSF fee. Scent: Espresso Yo Self

COFFEE 'TIL COCKTAILS - Infused with an Appropriate Coping Mechanism. Light the candle, drink the coffee, and count to 10…thousand. You know some asshat at work took the last cup without making a new pot. Don't kill them…Prison Orange is NOT your color! Scent: Espresso Yo Self

I LOVE MY FUR BABIES MORE THAN MOST PEOPLE - Infused with an Unhealthy Level of Attachment. Because Fur Babies don't have any expectations - I mean except for that bacon you are eating. Scent: Frooty Loops

MAN COLD - Infused with "Helplessness". It's like COVID-19, but worse. Save yourselves...Man Cold Season is upon us! Scent: Take a Hike

OUR FRIENDSHIP IS LIKE PANDEMIC JEANS - Infused with Growing Tighter Every Day. Scent: Blueberry Cobbler

SEARCH ENGINE SELF-DIAGNOSER - Infused with 3 Days to Live. Scent: Grapefruit & Mint

SHE BELIEVED SHE COULD...BUT WAS REALLY TIRED, SO SHE DIDN'T - Infused with Naps & Snacks. It isn't about determination, it's about energy. You're so busy doing all the things, sometimes you just need to grab a bowl of cereal and rest a bit without guilt. All the things will still be there in an hour. Scent: Vanilla Cupcake

SHIT SHOW - Infused with Chaos. The candle that started it all for Malicious Women Candle Co. This is the candle made for the founder's shit show party that she hosted when her world fell apart. It was the first scent ever poured. Scent: Vanilla Cupcake

THANK YOU FOR BEING MY AFFORDABLE THERAPY ALTERNATIVE - Infused with I'm Still Depressed (You Get What You Pay For). Scent: Grapefruit & Mint

THEY WHINE, I WINE - Infused with Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom...Sip. Call us cheesy, but this is the perfect pairing for a tantrum. (Toddler or adult.) Scent: Cabernet All Day

WE ARE SISTERS & MUCH MORE - Infused with The Stories Mom Doesn't Know About...And She Never Will! Scent: Lemon Drop Martini

WELL BEHAVED WOMEN RARELY MAKE HISTORY - Infused with Outrage & Action. It's not enough to be mad - what are we going to do about it? Scent: Rebel Rose

YOU'RE MY BEST BITCH - Infused with All My Secrets. For the one who is in charge of your bad box if anything happens to you. Scent: Pink Chandelier

IT'S OKAY, MY TATTOOS DON'T LIKE YOU EITHER! - Infused With "My Body, My Story" Scent: Cedar Bourbon

TEACHERS CAN DO VIRTUALLY ANYTHING! - Infused With "Muted Mics, 147 Missing Assignments & Uncomfortable Moments on Zoom!" Scent: Vanilla Cupcake

BEARDS, INK & MUSCLES - Infused With " Spontaneous Panty Dropping" Scent: Oakmoss & Amber

WARR;OR - Infused With "Strength" Scent: Rebel Rose

LET THAT SHIT GO! - Infused with " Obsessive Overthinking" I know it is easier said than done, but let's try to do it together. May we both find the strength to let go that which does not serve us. Stay Strong my warrior friend. Scent: Lavender & Coconut Water

CONGRATS ON BEING IN CHARGE OF A TINY HUMAN - Infused with "Sleep Deprivation" "Be a parent," they said. "It'll be great," they said. Misery loves company. And hey…you'll sleep again in like…18 years! Just wait until they start dating! Scent: Vanilla Cupcake

THANKS FOR RAISING ME MOM, I'M AWESOME! - Infused with "All My Gratitude" Scent: A Hot Mess


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